Marron delivered fresh to your door throughout Australia
Marron is a fresh water crayfish natural to the South West of Western Australia. The pristine waters of the South West offer an optimum growing environment for these crustaceans as they are extremely  sensitive to water quality.  Though marron occur naturally in streams and rivers  the numbers are low due to poaching and over fishing.  All Marron sold through Forest Fresh Marron is farmed sustainably in either ponds or dams which mimic the natural environment.  This type of farming has an extremely low impact on the environment and provides a chemical and antibiotic “free range” for the marron to develop. Forest Fresh Marron is supplied by over 60 local marron growers By sourcing our marron from local producers, we can maintain a consistent, reliable, high quality product throughout the year. When you order from Forest Fresh Marron you are buying direct  from the farm. Our facility holds Marron for a limited time enabling distribution from a single point. Within 24 hours of being ordered your marron will be delivered to your doorstep (within Perth area) or to all major and many secondary  airports country wide.
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